5. DADADO Night of the Films

  18.11.2021 – 19:09 Uhr
Theater Fletch Bizzel, Dortmund

The DADADO Night of the Films and the affilated filmcontest serve as an advancement of dadaistic art, art and culture in Dortmund and beyond.

Deadline: 02/11/2021

Download Entry Form


1. The film contest is open to all professional and non-professional film makers worldwide.

2. All current digital formats of production are allowed. Films that are not in German must be subtitled in English.

3. All films must not be longer than 600 seconds and should be attributed to one of the following categories (mark on the entry form, please):

Anti-Tutorial (e.g.:
Rhythmic-musical (editing) experiment (e.g.:
DADA-Poetry (e.g.:

4. A selection committee convened by the organisers decides on the films entered in the contest.

5. Films that are longer than 600 seconds can be entered in the programme outside the contest by the selection committee.

6. The selection committee reserves the right to reject films that infringe on the rights of third persons or criminal laws.

7. All directors are allowed to enter several films. An entry form must be filled in for each film.

8. The year of production of the entered films is irrelevant.

9. The directors have to create a download-link ( e.g., on Google-drive, Vimeo,Wetransfer, etc.) to enter a film.The download-link must be active up to and including 11/11/2021.If the activation of the link requires an e-mail address, use the following:

If the activation of the link requires a password, this password must be stated in the entry form. It must be active up to and including 11/11/2021

The organisers state that all personal data is solely recorded for organisational purposes and is never shared, given or sold.

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